Club rules and membership information

Friends International Social Club is a members only club.

Newcomers are very welcome to attend 2 or 3 events before deciding whether or not to join the group. Members may also occasionally invite a guest to accompany them to an event.

The following costs are given, as an indication only, of the charge to members for some of our regular events:

  • Brunch/afternoon tea (in members home) 10/15 Euros
  • Full meal (in members home) 15/20 Euros
  • Restaurant Cost of the meal and drinks
  • Other events (cinema, bowling...) Cost of the activity
Newcomers and members' guests may be asked to pay an additional charge (3 to 10 Euros, depending on the event) to contribute towards the cost of organization.

Friends International Social Club has no employees. No one is paid for organizing an event.

Members give their time, effort and goodwill freely, often inviting others into their own homes.
For this reason the organizer has the final decision on how best to run the event and may refuse to accept any member without giving a reason.

Most events will indicate a book by date. Please respect these wherever possible. Remember that it is often very difficult to alter restaurant or theatre bookings at the last minute. If you make a booking and do not turn up you may still be liable to pay.

Bookings for events can be made by phone, e-mail or in person to the organizer at another event. Bookings have to be made three days before the event. The organiser(s) will decide whether to accept any addition booking after this day.

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